Wendy's T-Rex Burger Challenge (vs Wreckless Eating)



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Link to Wreckless Eating's Video!! ------- http://youtu.be/sA0shq8meaw

Wreckless Eating's Channel ------- http://www.youtube.com/user/WrecklessEating

A while back a Canadian Wendy's decided to offer a giant 9 Patty, 9 Cheese hamburger which they called the "T-Rex Burger." It's been taken off all menus since then, BUT I made my own to bandwagon some of the hype and see how fast I could kill this burger.

Also, this video challenge was made as a challenge against the guys at Wreckless Eating. I think this is the 4th, and right now im undefeated against them, so they wanted to put 3 guys against me this time. Check out their video to see if I beat them =]


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